ANTS or should it be PANTS?

I am trying to fill out the documentation to sell a car that we have. I have logged into the ANTS site and am trying to fill out the details of the carte grise. Every time I put in the details it tells me that they don’t agree with their recorded details. The carte grise is in my wife’s name so is it possible that it will only take notice of the person who has logged on (via France Connect). No matter what I put in as the correct details it says they are wrong so I can only assume that it should be my wife that fills it in while she is logged in?

@Deedee may be able to answer that query for you David.

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Hi David,

If the car is in your wife’s name and you are the co-titulaire then you need to select the ‘pour quelqu’un d’autre’ button. If you are not on the carte grise then your wife will need to do it on her account.
Also make sure that the details are exactly as per the carte grise. For example, if there’s an accent or a hyphen or an extra space, it needs to mirror that exactly.

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Hello Damaris and thanks for the reply. I’m hoping that if I log in as her then all should be okay? (she’s in the UK at the moment). I’m assuming that the website is looking at my log-in/details and seeing that they don’t match what is on the carte grise (I’m not a co-titulaire).

Hi David, yes that should work. If it’s a simple address change and you can’t manage it, let me know and I’ll do it for you from work. You’ll just need to send me the necessary paperwork.

I’m just trying to sell a car and go through the process. All I get, when I try to enter the details (immatriculation, name, date of birth) is a pop-up that says my details don’t match the details that they have. I can’t proceed any further! It’s driving me crazy obviously!

Yes I can understand that. I’m assuming then that you are trying to do the cession suite à la.vente du véhicule?

I’ve arranged to meet the buyer on saturday and am getting the paperwork ready (if I’ve understood properly) to give him when we exchange the car for his bank cheque. If there’s any way you could help I’d be very grateful.

Send me a PM David and we’ll get it sorted :slightly_smiling_face:

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All sorted out by Deedee :sunglasses: phew :innocent: . Thanks again


No problem David. :wink:

Well done you👍

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