Any advantages for shopping a fraud?

I would like to know if incentives exist to shop benefit cheats in France ?

Are there any personal advantages to carrying out one’s civil duty ?

I know a woman who lives with her ex-husband, in his house, not in her name .
He is too soft to make her move out.
She moved out once years ago, then took advantage of health situations to move back in. She plays on this.

Their children are independent adults, aged 30 - 50.

He provided her with her own rental flat in town.
She claims Aide Pour Logement while the nice pad remains empty.
She acts like a dog in the manger.

(I’ve just helped her ex-husband in recovery from the positive Covid she gave him)

(She also thinks nothing of dumping packaging after Christmas in natural woodlands.)

Thanks for any advice.

Stay well clear.

But tempting… oh so tempting :slight_smile:



Whatever happens you will be the bad guy. Plus there is no way of knowing the truth of the situation and families can be complicated. If it was suspected child abuse, then yes flag it to authorities. But otherwise I would say nothing.


Surely a person of your high moral probity would be turning in the fraudulent litterlout as a matter of principle not for any grubby motive such as personal gain?

(And I think her ex-husband is probably stringing you along).


I can’t help but think that you are not alone in knowing about this woman.
As someone from outside, I would stay well outside.


Thank you for all your responses.He may have been stringing me along to keep his life smooth with his family and the ex.
However I have just spent a few intensive days at his side caring for a ver sick man who is now in hospital.
He and I were shopping for his ex, who was ill with the Covid. He had to collect his paperwork and belongings to move out of his own house!!!
He became positive. Now he is in hospital.
I was prepared to turn a blind eye, but now this is affecting me.
He is now between hospital and his family.
If he comes out of hospital, his family will want him in his own house.

this man has been a moral support of diamond for me.
I can’t get a job, and I have nothing from the CAF. I monitor TransferWise as I am surviving on my last ressources. I have one little pupil for english and art. I have had to cancel my pupil where I earn 10€ per week
to act responsibly for not spreading the risk of the virus

Would someone who : accompanied me to administration appointments and speaks on my behalf.
defended me to his family inc.ex.
trusts me with his keys and car
…be stringing me along ?

This ex has never worked, but previously she enjoyed hurting me.
He works far too hard at several occupations to pay their rent and bills, when he should be enjoying retirement.
So yes, if there were a financial incentive for sticking my neck out, that would push me to fill in the form anonymously.

Potentially, yes.

I would also ask why he would need to ‘defend’ you to his family, you’re just a friend of his? What is there to defend? My family don’t give a flying fig who I am friends with unless they are murderers or drug dealers or psychopaths or the like, otherwise they’d know it was completely inappropriate to comment. If his family are getting involved with who he is friends with it seems like this family, the man included, have some issues going on that they should probably be left to sort out on their own.

I can understand what @Jane_Williamson and @vero are saying, perhaps this is a situation best left alone for all manner of reasons. Be his friend and give him moral support but it sounds a very complicated situation that should be left to them to sort out, if that’s what they want to do, but for your sake even more than theirs getting involved in any way seems like it could make things much much worse.

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It is their business, not yours. Keep out of it is the advice I would give you, this sort of situation never seems to end well for the third party (you).

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This reminds me of someone I knew.
I wouldn’t get involved, to be honest. You’d be surprised, CAF might catch up with her of their own accord.

Unless there’s clear evidence of child abuse, stay the **** out of other people’s domestic situations.

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