Any Archers Out There

Looking for somewhere for my son to practice archery during the summer vacation. Does anyone know of summer camps, organised days etc etc.

Thanks for your input even though some seems pretty confusing!! I'm a little slow today, but finally got it!!

My son is already part of a club, which is in Penne d'Agenais.(He hasn't broken a shoulder Brian, although my husband has been through that pain.)

The problem is the club closes during the summer vacation.

Thanks Jeanette for the link I will check that out. Tir a l'Arc is correct by the way!

I guess having immediately only thought 'bows'n'arrers' makes me a BBC drop out of some kind :-(

I know Tir a l"arc (?) has many fans in France, it depends where you are or how far your son will travel. I checked with Google - this link looks useful

Sorry misread your post and thought you were on about Tom and the beastly Ambridge Organics.

Sore point, but I 'am'. There is an archery club near me that I nearly joined, but had to go and break my left shoulder! Depends on where you are though, this is in Cadouin near Bergerac.