Any cheerful news today? (Nothing negative please! 🙂)

Jane W has just depressed me by reminding that C-19 cases numbers are still climbing here…

Up to that point I was having a great day! The préfecture has agreed my idea for a socially distanced easter egg hunt. It will be nice to have a sort-of-communal event in the village. And a neighbour finally paid us for the plants he ruined when he took down several large poplars last July and they fell into our garden. Two good thing in a day!

But easily overbalanced by 21,000 new cases.

Can you add anything to the happy end of the see-saw?

OH got a refund for some faulty pillow protectors.

They are a standard 50 x 75cm size but when taken out of the wrapping they are 45 x75. After sending the order to us twice they decided to check their stock and yes you guessed it, they’re all faulty…oops :medal_sports:

Yes, after weeks of trawling through vacc. centres in 4 departements our doctor rang this evening to say we can get them there on Friday. :rofl:

2 weeks ago there was a notice on the door saying only 50 to 65 yearolds. Last week it had been changed to 50 to 74 year olds and a sad shake of the head was all I got for our 78 years.

I am wondering if they have supplies of other than AstraZeneca or if the age limit has been raised once again.


Two nice parcels of positiveness. I love success with consumer problems, often feel its such a david and goliath battle.

And brilliant David! OH also has an Astra-Zeneca jab next week from his GP despite making clear he doesn’t have a single comorbidity. I think they are desperate to use them!

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That’s very good news @JJones ! Encourages me to pursue things a bit - perhaps with our local pharmacy at the end of the week! Thank you :hugs:

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One of my daughters is about to be granted a residency order for her son…his father has numerous charges against him including assault against my daughter…rape against both my daughter and others and now GBH and neglect against her son (my eldest grandson)…we are hoping for a jail sentence but for now we are celebrating the residency order and the joy my grandson is feeling to be back full time with his mother…


Restaurant industry unions are meeting with the French government today (March 9) to establish a timescale and protocols for reopening eateries. Although the government has not yet agreed a date, restaurant owners hope to be able to reopen by mid-April, the timescale currently in the government’s thinking.

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That is joy! To have come out the other side from that is awesome.

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Yes she is awesome Jane and she has also been suffering an intimate form of cancer for almost 7 years and has undergone the most horrific treatment to try and stop its progress…the last time she was in there was to have her clitoris removed…I told her to say no and sent her a multitude of natural herbs and oils and remedies and put her in touch with a homeopath…Right at the last minute on a hospital bed being asked to sign a consent form for removal she said no and avoided that…her latest results are still not all clear…but almost…but she is so much closer to being clear and still has most of what makes her a woman intact…if I hadn’t stepped in when I did it would have been removed…

A very hard decision, so I hope she is comfortable with her choice. And the door is not closed if the path turns bumpy again. Any kind of surgical removal is a huge step, and big consequences.

However if it does come to that, then being a woman is more than genitalia, so I hope you can support her if she has to make that awful choice one day. Although hope it doesn’t come to that amyway.


Thankyou so much Jane…she has been to hell and back (and us with her) and still only early thirties…:heart:

After months of waiting I received my S1 in the post today.



Scan it, and take a copy. And then another one…

Hi Jane

Due to DWP incompetence, I actually received 2 letters on the same day, both containing 2 S1s.

My S1 cup overfloweth !!


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A bottle of tippex and sell them to the highest bidder!


It’s our cat Ziggy’s eleventh birthday today.


Happy birthday Ziggy! :heart_eyes_cat:

Photo please. Love a cat photo. Happy birthday Ziggy!
Izzy x

My youngest daughter (the one on the left) is 20 years old today.


Happy birthday to her! :birthday::champagne::clinking_glasses:

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