Any cheerful news today? (Nothing negative please! 🙂)

Yes. Such an enthusiastic crowd.


Excellent. Glad you had a good gig.

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My partner got a reponse from ANTS on Friday, saying his application was approved and asking for his UK licence, which of course he sent off immediately. 6 weeks from the application isn’t too bad a turn-round I think. Hope it’s “just” a question of printing his new licence now - I remember mine only took a couple of weeks from this point.


Seems there are conditions on who is eligible… I don’t meet them, which is annoying considering I worked for them!

Well I’ve had a current account and savings account for years and certainly haven’t heard anything, like @andyw has. I imagine I probably fall foul of some loophole or other…

Finally…just managed to complete my first tax declaration! Probably no big deal to many, but a big relief to have got through that, and ultimately, it’s not as bad as originally thought, after getting to grips with what needs to be filled where. Chuffed I forced myself to do it versus getting someone else to do it on my behalf :partying_face:


Hi @AngelaR, as I understand it it is based on having a current account for a number of years.

Log on and check it out

Any probs I will do it for and let you know on Tuesday

I’ve had a current account for about 25 years! Perhaps it has to be used in a certain way. I shall have a look…

We’ve had savings accounts with them for many years - I expect that we will not be eligible.

Just been onto the site - you have to have a qualifying current account and savings account and the current account we have (a free one) is only qualifying if at least £500 was deposited into it from outside the Nationwide in 2 of the first 3 months of this year, plus 2 payments going out of it in that period. So if it’s your main current account and e.g. pension/salary goes into it, you’re likely to qualify!

Cucumbers :cucumber: planted Summer is on its way.


Today’s cheerful news…
Decided to weed our wild patch… but only very gently…
Vetch had rampaged and was smothering so many smaller plants.
It’s finished flowering and now seemed the right time.
I was thrilled to find another orchid which had been hidden from view… only small, but coming along nicely… and photos will follow when it’s a decent size.



And rightly so. Well done you! Hope you!re going to do something nice with the money you have just saved yourself.

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It’ll be a nice contribution towards concerts/festivals this Summer, and ongoing it’s very satisfying to think I don’t need to be paying someone else for these types of service :partying_face:


Vetch is everywhere this year.

first rhubarb of the year and made a crumble with rhubarb apple and raisins.


I could just devour that :grin::grin::grin:

If you’re in the area pop round, I’ve just bought a pot of crème fraîche entière to go with it.


Well it can just go elsewhere… :wink:
The wild patch is coming along a real treat and there’s a great deal of insect activity… such fun to watch it all…

Unfortunately I think may be some distance away - this is when ‘beam me up Scotty’ would come in handy :joy: :joy: :joy:

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