Any cheerful news today? (Nothing negative please! 🙂)

Lovely, I would be happy even if there was a bitter wind, for a shoreline like that to wander along, and maybe, however briefly, swim from. :grinning:

Thé venue itself used to be a public lavatory :joy_cat:

Even better then, no getting caught short. :rofl:


Our second attempt at the bread maker smells good this morning. :heart_eyes:


I hope you’re on the mend now @hairbear ?

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It doesn’t need to be sweet. I make mine quite dry. You just need to use the correct ammount of sugar and use a hydrometer to know when to stop the yeast.

Thanks @AngelaR . On the mend yes, bit it may be another few weeks before I can do much unfortunately. It’s a bummer, but it is what it is. And with my illness coinciding with the OH crushing her thumb in a door jamb, we’re like Laurel and Hardy at the moment. Just about able between us to keep up with the gardening essentials.


It is difficult.
I have just damaged my knee, so I need to keep off my legs as much as possible.
Just when I have started to feel better due to my new asthma treatment.

In a village I used to live in, in West Yorkshire many years ago, the public toilets were turned into two two bedroom houses. The front steps are the original ones that led upto the Ladies and Gents toilets and each half was turned into a separate house, with the addition of an extra floor.


Good idea, but too close to the road for me.

Me too, I lived about 1/2 mile up the small road you see, which turns into a narrow country lane with a small row of terraced houses.

Today’s cheerful news:
Yesterday it hit 42c… and Today is hasn’t… :wink: :wink: (well, not yet… :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: )


Golly! And I thought it was a bit too hot to do anything when it hit 23 yesterday :rofl:


Nah… 23c aint nuffink… :wink: :wink: mind you, it’s great in winter… :wink: :wink:


After sorting Fran out, no visitors today or for the next two, I took the heavy duty mower to the drive way winding in and out of the cars and assorted caravans and trailers and was on the last lap when I fouled a blanket hidden in the grass. The machine stalled and it took me half an hour to free the blade and get it started again, it doesn’t like re-starting when warm.

My reward was an early visit to the pond. 17c in the water and 25 in the shade around it. Lovely, and after my usual 4 lengths with my anti-brainfreeze hat on I felt so good that I did another 2 with the hat off. 42 metres the longest so far this year and the feeling was wonderful. 2 newts got caught in the net, one marbled, the other black, when I dredged a floating mud island out afterwards. Managed to get the slippery wrigglers in one grip to return them to the pond. :smiley:


Our son goes off to Sardinia tomorrow morning, so we’ve been clearing his stuff up, getting ready for him to go. He’s working for Neilson for 5 months as a cycling guide and coach. Flight is at 5.50am. :roll_eyes:


Colette, my good little hen, laid an egg weighing 102g today!


Wow! Bet she waddles a bit after that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Goodness Stella, that must be some kind of record for France in May. The hottest it ever got when I was living in Southern France was 40 degrees in August although I have been back in the UK for nearly 5 years now. Not sure I could cope with temperatures like that anymore.
My cheerful news is that I got a promotion at work. Lovely to feel appreciated.
Izzy x


many places are like us and will get higher temps than those recorded/forecast…

Before we moved, we were thrilled to have 32c in Rocamadour on 22nd March… that was one of the deciding factors on which part of France to chooooose :wink:


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Our gite looks beautiful and our first guests of the season have arrived. The weather is being kind and it looks promising for most of the week. At long last I can potter in the garden. I need to do a lot of dead-heading (which I love, because it yields such good results). New guests seem nice and are complimentary. Worth all the hard work of these last weeks.