Any cheerful news today? (Nothing negative please! 🙂)

Excuse me a second while I usher my Flemish wife away from this thread…


Exception that proves the rule?

I like a laugh now and again and it makes me giggle with all the trash in it.

Better not, could be litigious plus I don’t know how to post photos etc. You could google it using near naked in Italy etc.

But that is exactly how I feel when I check the fosse :rofl:


I wasn’t that interested, but accepted your challenge Shiba and googled.

I am now feeling quite queasy and wondering which of them has the worse taste.


It really does the boggle the mind dosn’t it! Glad you found out what I had discovered and understood especially the woolly leotard thingy. Poor woman looks drugged up to me to parade around like that in public after getting involved with that deadbrain.

Rode the Duke for the first time in 5 years after 2 year rebuild and clipped 4000 hrs in my logbook.


Despite the source, I hope for us all this is excellent news

Yay cheese!


But doctors here always tell patients to eat very little cheese to keep healthy. To be honest, best to enjoy it while you can, all these things about lowering risks half the time are just notions. My dad ate pounds of cheese per week and got dimensia at the end which was caused by prostate cancer!


Couldn’t possibly comment.

and the cheerful news is that… for the majority of folk… if one uses moderation, one can indulge all one’s fantasies… (I’m talking about food/drink, of course… :wink: )


Speaking of which… A delivery from M&S was unable to reach my door due to the Monday market, so redirected to a nearby village relais point. Three kms away, so needs the car but what surprised me was the pick up point. So to speak.

We followed the sat nav up a little lane to a huge, and I am not exaggerating, hanger building with a very colourful shop front. ‘Mode et Charme’ was an understatement. Inside, I bravely requested a friendly young man for my parcel. While he went off to locate it I stood amongst a sea of headless mannequins bedecked in red and black lace, fishnet body stockings and chains where chains should not be worn. Nickel rash waiting to happen.

I swiftly thanked the young man who returned with my parcel and gaily informed him it was winter boots for dog walks, in case he was wondering. Then I sprinted out past the racks of videos with my eyes straight ahead.

Once back in the car, I couldn’t help wondering where all this quantity of enervating apparel is going, and to whom. Are French wives more adventurous? Or is there a huge social industry for watching scantily dresses folk doing the dusting? (I’m assuming those were dusters.)


‘Charme’ is a euphemism for soft porn. At least it wasn’t gimp suits, eh :rofl:
And of course explaining what your parcel contained means now that young man thinks the contents were something quite different.


They’re normally round the back where the changing rooms are


Yikes! I have no idea what is a gimp suit (I’ll Google, which will no doubt result in an avalanche of questionable stuff dropping into my page) but now I’m wondering if M&S should perhaps know.

Reminds me of that ancient not the 9 o’clock news skit about the trial and having to explain everything to the ancient judge.
“The deluxe model is the one with real hair.”


Why? It’s just a parcel pickup point.
(Conversely Mode et Charme might not want to be associated with frumptastic marks and sparks laydeez undeez but hey they’re a parcel pickup point.)


And maybe a bit of unexpected business too, just a quick browse whilst you’re getting my parcel​:wink::slightly_smiling_face:


My cheerful news involves praise for French customer service, something which often gets panned on the site, and has by me in the past. I have a Netspa spa made by a firm called Poolstar. Suddenly, the water pump stopped working so I went to thier website and filled in a report. Got a response within 10 minutes asking some questions. Questions answered and had a reply asking if I was comfortable fitting a new pump and a video showing how to do it. I said yes, so they sent one and 48 hours later I have a working spa. The replacement was super easy due to good design and took less than 10 minutes. You can also detach the external unit without having to drain the spa. All in all, superb customer service.