Any cheerful news today? (Nothing negative please! 🙂)

today’s cheerful news: my brain is still working even if other bits are falling by the wayside :wink:

I’ve just found a new phrase to add to my vocabulary… :+1:

peu ou prou la même = more or less the same (I think)

(courtesy of Ouest France)

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I’ve missed the anniversary but it shouldn’t be aloud to go unremarked:

On 2nd February 2013, Notts County FC were beaten by Hartlepool United 2-1. Hartlepool’s scorers were Hartley and Poole.

Credit John Lloyd in The Oldie

And Hartlepool’s mascot, Hangus the Monkey was also the town’s mayor…

Reminds me of the (probably apocryphal) Brian Johnston cricket commentary quote: “The bowler’s Holding, the batsman’s Willey”.


Pirates of the Caribbean was released 21 years ago today… :exploding_head: I feel old!


We got to meet @vero today, which was a real treat AND she baked scones especially!!!

This was after a great evening with @toryroo and her family. This trip is proving to be a good one :smiley:


Nice segue from Windies’ Michael Holding to Pirates of the Caribbean. A while back I posted an account of having watched that fearsome WI team play a benefit match for Sonny Ramadhin on a sloping Pennine village pitch.

I feel even older as this means precisely nothing to me!

Ah yes… all the Pirates o/t Carib are great fun… we work our way through the dvd’s during the rough wintry months… :+1:

[quote=“JaneJones, post:8198, topic:34107”] this means precisely nothing to me!

You’d probably get on very well with my wife, Vienna doesn’t mean nothing nor Ultravox to her, instead it’s The Hare with Amber Eyes or her master classes there with Jim Dine.

Johnny who?

Billy Joel…?



Him neither - just saw the video, and as a former lecturer in printmaking well conversant with H&S, I wouldn’t let my wife anywhere near a lino-cutter - Blood on the Tracks?

Instead her musical ‘Vienna’ would involve Jacqueline du Pré - I was saddened recently when we decided we couldn’t afford €7000 to have her C18th cello restored (a local cello restorer had suggested ‘an insurance accident’) Sold it to a restorer for very little. Her decision, as someday, someone else would play it, whereas I was the more sad about it .

She’d played in orchestras but is a better painter than cellist Nevertheless, I miss the sound of the cello in the house.

But as it’s a cheerful news thread, should add that I’ve just bought some superb, large green pitted olives that have been super intensely flavoured with tomates confites.


Made myself a ham and tomoato salad the other day with some lovely iceberg lettuce lathered in Heinz Salad Cream (why is that thin and runny in France instead of thick and glacial as it is supposed to be?) but found the lettuce chewy and not at all to my taste.

Next time I went to the fridge I discovered that I had taken white cabbage out instead of lettuce. :roll_eyes: :rofl:


My wife’s car is ready, and we’re off to collect it shortly. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just found enough zinnias out to put in a little bouquet with the helenuims :bouquet: :heart_eyes: I’m hoping to have cut flowers all the time from now until the autumn :heart_eyes:


I had a wonderful evening à la famille in their neighbouring commune to me with live music and food in the central square and then the best firework display I have ever witnessed at the rugby field nearby - all free apart from food and drink. Typical Catalan music with some jazz, funk and heavy metal thrown in and my 15-month old granddaughter dancing along with the rest of them. I liked the idea we did not have to wait until really late for the display like other years.