Any cheerful news today? (Nothing negative please! 🙂)

Cracked it !! My cold swimming continues but there was one drawback, Brain Freeze, the intense though short lived pain across the forehead caused by the temp of the water (8C today).

I had an all over head and neck rubber hat for a long time but didn’t use it because it was too difficult to get on and off. Resurrected it the other day by cutting the bottom bit off and using it has a headband. Helped a bit but not the answer, so then donned the now shortened remnant and that cut the pain out, so it must be the head that needs protecting. But then I couldn’t get a good seal with the goggles and I do need to see where I am going because of the rocky shapes of the sides and the floating rope ladder by which I abseil in.

Final throw off the dice today, I cut it again, drastically, from the top of the face opening so that it sits tight on top of my ears but leaves a space for the goggles to seal.

Eureka, all set for swimming all winter…I hope. :wink: :joy:


I bought a ceramic kiln that fires clay using electric heat (as opposed to gas kilns or wood-burning kilns). It took a lot of doing to lug it in the car, and then lift it carefully out and onto a big concrete plinth we made, in the corner of our stone barn.

Then I had to translate the instruction manual, and anyway… Long story short:

My husband got the ceramic kiln to work!!!

It fired perfectly today.

He had to resolve an obscure problem to do with the wiring and a safety mechanism which was stopping it from turning on…

It didn’t blow any fuses or do anything but work perfectly. Phew. Yay!!!


Great news this evening… my 8 year old great-great-nephew has come out ok after a rather frightening bout of covid… phew…

We seem to be having perhaps more than our share of frights in our family… and nothing to do with anti-vaxers… they’re all very much pro…

keep safe everyone… :crossed_fingers:



I’ve just realized that by having several great-great-nephews (and nieces)… OH and I must be rather old…

The Good News is… we don’t feel old … yippee :hugs: :rofl:


Heard today that my ‘new’ computer will be delivered on Thursday rather than next week. :joy:

No more brain freeze today at 8C, Lily, and I can see where I am going. :rofl:


Sounds good. Should be refreshingly cooler tomorrow!

Thank goodness, I’m boiling in there. :astonished: :rofl:

Today’s (well yesterday evening really) interesting news was that I learned about the Tahiti flower Tiaré as one of the members of our choir had just returned from a visit to family there and brought back a lot of these. We were all given one and many of the choir put theirs behind an ear - good job I didn’t as I didn’t know until today that putting it behind the left ear indicates you are in a relationship, the right ear means that you are looking for one and both ears mean that you are in a relationship and looking for a new one!

The things I’ve learned since living in France :smiley:

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If you’re a fan of Nigella Lawson her recipe book Cook Eat Repeat is available for £0.99p today on Kindle. Kindle books can also be bought directly on Amazon as a gift sent to someone else.

Currently in UK with my favourite person.
Today we attended a hedge laying course.
How to lay Devon hedges.


Loved my time in Devon… though I know nothing about hedges…

enjoy yourselves… keep safe…

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Thanks Stella

It’s cold but went up onto Dartmoor yesterday, to places I’ve not visited in over 30 years.
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Where we lived… from our garden we could look right over the top of the city of Exeter, and across to the Dartmoor hills… magical in winter when they were covered in Snow…

We would often have picnics on Dartmoor when visiting friends who had a farm there… wonderful childhood years.

Still brrrr!

Torridge in Devon apparently has the highest number of Covid cases in the UK. Stay safe….

Thank you Jane
I’m actually just down the road from there but we’re quite isolated on the farm, so don’t see many folks…

Thankfully :grin:


I went to uni in Exeter and have fond, if a bit blurred, memories of Devon. Playing in the local hockey league and visiting pubs. I recall a pub at a train station…

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Finally got the diagnostic docs for our house. Nothing seriously wrong apparently, some lead paint on doors, some asbestos drainpipes, some slightly iffy electrics, but no flashing red warning beacons. Just need to go through in detail now.


My border collie pup’s breeder now has a team of 3 qualified for Crufts….his mother one of his brothers and now one of his sisters and also their 11 year old handler got a first for junior handling….all will be at Crufts next year….:heart: