Any gas heating buffs out there?

I have been waiting all day for a call from the gas heating people to confirm if they can or cannot come and look at our gas boiler today. Just spoke to another lady who was in the dark about my conversation this morning, but looks as if they might be able to come out Wednesday, she is calling tomorrow morning to confirm.
I wondered if anybody here has a Saunier Duval combi boiler?
The bar pressure should safely stay around 1/1.5. Since Friday night it has fluctuated between 2.2/2.4 a red warning light comes on. We have only kept the hot water on and the light has stayed green :pray: OH has adjusted a tap (their advice) and bled the rads.
Just looking for any advice, cannot find any online for this model.
Bl**dy freezing, brr

Not the same boiler but I have had the same problem before, there is a mains water feed that pressurises the system via a stopcockvalve, it is usually closed unless the system needs pressurised.

We had a leaking stopcock which slowly pressurised the system, if it gets too high there is a valve which shuts the gas valve down stopping the boiler and pump working, usually bleeding the one of the radiators lowers the system pressure enough allowing the system to fire.

There should be a water pressure guage at the boiler and if I remember rightly it should be between 1 and two bar, you might have to bleed quite a lot of water off if the pressure is really high.

Maybe not the best technical explanation as I am not a plumber, so someone with better qualifications hopefully will chip in.

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Found this.

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