Any Groups for Singles Auverne area

Recently divorced , I find myself alone , feels like solitary confinement in an open prison.

IS their any groups , or people in similar circumstances to form a group, for meetings,

outings, days out and general friendship.

You might also be able to find some online courses to help you learn french assuming you would like to do that - it would help you to be able to converse with people in the village. Also I think there is the possibility of obtaining some french tuition via the mairie - maybe someone else on SFN might have more knowledge of this - you could maybe put another post on the forum asking about this.

Hi Nora. Sorry to hear that you feel isolated, and sorry I am too far away to be of any practical help - I live in the Aude in the Languedoc. I don't know if this will help or not, but might I suggest a couple of ideas while you find your feet again? Check out all the groups listed on the right hand side of the main page here on SFN. Join any that are of interest to you - lots of choice - from bee keeping to website design. Please join in any discussions that interest you, and why not come over to live chat some evening, and join in. Everyone is very friendly.

Another thing you could do is search the members list and see who's near you. Go to the "members" tab at the top of the page and use the search hoption. You can search by department number.

I know it's not the same as having a real live person sitting down for a cuppa and a chat, but this is a great community. If there's anything I can help with - such as navigating your way round SFN - please don't hesitate to contact me. I work from home and am nearly always logged in to SFN.

Take care.


Hi Nora

Sorry you feel so isolated - am too far away from you to be in a group for outings etc but if you like walking you may find that there is a group near you. My nearest one always publishes their itinery in the local paper with a contact number - not always the same person but whoever decides to lead the walk. They tend to be of varying lengths and for varying abilities as well so not always necessary to be ultra fit to partake. Hope you find something - do let us know. Keep your chin up.