Any Hasher members?

Sounds like a reference to ‘whacky baccy’ but the indulgences are running and drinking.
We are members of a hashing group in the shires. It will be very hard for us leaving our hashing friends behind when we move but I am heartened to discover there are some groups not a huge distance from the area in France we are interested in.

Here’s a couple of the groups

From the Gascony Hash site -
The Gascony Hash meets approximately monthly throughout the year. The meeting (called a ‘run’) involves walking or running a trail marked in flour or paper (set in advance by the ‘Hare’), with a beer stop part way round and a ‘sing song’ and beer stop with BBQ / food in good weather at the end. It is suitable for all ages of able bodied people. Runs are usually on Sundays. The first hash is free, thereafter the cost is 5 euros per adult and 2,50 euros per child, which goes towards the cost of beer etc.

If anyone is interested in some not too serious running/walking/socialising I suggest they go and say hello. Our hashes follow a format of - meet once a week at a pub somewhere in the county - follow a trail marked in flour/sawdust with devious false trails. Some walk, some run and some do a bit of both. An hour or so later we go to the pub for down-downs (the apres). That’s usually drinking down a pint if you’ve been the hares (trail layers) for the day or if you have done anything silly on the run deserving humiliation. Some snacks are usually laid on.
I think some of the French hashers hold the ‘apres’ at their homes.
Brilliant fun and a great way to learn more about towns and areas of countryside.