Any horse riders here?

(Jan Barden) #1

Oops. I joined this forum after a lazy Google search pulled up a group of riders chatting to each other but further investigation shows it was a while ago … My mistake.

However, you seems like a nice lot so I will hang around (with your permission) And who knows, are there any riders on here?

If so, I am always up for horsey chat/ exchange of info etc. We have four horses and I am currently searching for no5 as my old boy is coming up for retirement (so am I, come to that, but I’m not ready to hang up my spurs yet!)

(Jan Barden) #2

Hi guys! Catherine, I am in the south Luberon, not far from Aix en Provence.

Lorraine, thanks for the offer but yes, he is a bit old for what I want and probably much too big for me! I am a bit too old to scramble up onto a big 'un!

The problem is that there seem to be very few small sport horses around. I really want a fairly sturdy boy (the terrain here is unforgiving)and not much bigger than 158cm with lateral work in place but I am searching for hen’s teeth it seems!

Luckily, my old boy is still going strong so I am in no tearing hurry to buy the next one, I can wait until Mr Perfect turns up. But in an ideal world I would love to be ready for the start of the new dressage season in September …

(lorraine tilbury) #3

Hello Jan! I'm a horse rider, we have 6 horses at home and one is available if you're interested...a VERY tall but very sweet French trotter named Liptus (an "L" which makes him about 15 years old or so? so maybe a bit too old for you?). He's a trail/hunting horse.


(Catharine Higginson) #4

Hello! I'm one! Where are you?

(lorraine tilbury) #5

Forgive me for taking nearly 3 years to reply!!! got a bit distracted. I’m north of Tours.