Any info on air traffic disruption tomorrow?

Does anyone know anything about the proposed strikes at airports tomorrow as mentioned in The Connexion yesterday? I haven’t seen anything else about it. Ryan Air sent me an email last night saying that my online boarding pass wouldn’t be valid tomorrow and I will have to get another one at the airport, so I am assuming the flight will still go ahead. Would be good to know the bigger picture though.

Thanks very much.

Pilots’ union have called off strike for Nov 5-8. Cabin crew union should decide later. November 4 could still be disrupted: Easyjet says it doesn’t look as bad as first thought, Air France says delays possible but no cancellations. French civil aviation body should be able to confirm more later today. Hope that helps (ish)


Unions are in negotiations at this very moment – we’ll know more later this afternoon.

I’ve had the same email from Ryanair, so am also assuming my flight will still be leaving fom Pau. Fingers crossed.
My family had some problems last Thursday and had to stay on until Tuesday, but that was a definite cancellation, information sent to my daughter by text, so maybe we’re alright!!