Any NHS dietitians work in France?

I am in the process of moving near Bordeaux but currently work as an NHS gastro dietitian speciality in UK advising on gut issues like IBS, Crohns, food intolerances and am FODMAP trained. I’m thinking of working during my time in France but wondered how I could set up a clinic for expats. Wondered if anyone had been referred to a dietitian in France? Or has experience of working in hospitals and whether it’s possible?

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I have been referred to a dietician here (and a nutritionist but that’s another story). They are quite common, but most of them work within a hospital or medical structure. There are some independant dieticians, but because their fees are not covered by the health service I imagine it’s harder to get the business you need. I certainly never bothered to go as I would have had to pay the fees myself as I didn’t have a mutuelle at that point.

You would have to look into whether your qualifications are accepted here, as otherwise it would be near impossible and to work in a hospital you would have to speak french well. You can’t just set yourself up as self employed in France and off you go. But as with most things, if you are determined and do your research there’s usually a way. Perhaps joining forces with existing dietician’s clinic might be the way to start

It would be essential to have your qualifications recognised since otherwise, if you are working, you’ll be done for practising medicine illegally.

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