Any old bikers out there?

There’s a 240 page catalog to download here with an amazing range of bikes for sale. I particularly liked lot 416, not that I’d dream of spending that much money on it, only to fall off.


Oh, that sort of bike! Not my sort then…



I think that’s actually a trike Jane. And a very nice one too.

To paraphrase Animal Farm’s “four legs good, two legs bad” I personally think “two wheels good, three wheels better”…

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And to follow on the theme (since Hardly Davidsons are called “hogs”)…

I admit to owning a BSA Ariel 3… used it for work, shopping, just the job… as I couldn’t drive a car in those days…
Sold it when crash helmets became compulsory… as I had no wish to ruin my hairstyle… :grin: :wink: :roll_eyes:

Edit: I did have proper bikers in my circle of friends… they didn’t snigger… they were very kind… :wink:

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Very trendy Stella. Did you go down to the Ace café…

John - I missed that! Any possibility that you could send me the pdf?
If you can I’ll message you my address.

Sure John. It’s 20meg so I’ll upload it to a onedrive thingy and send you the link. BTW, I screwed up on the dates. There’s another much more pricey bike action in October I mixed it up with, this auction finished yesterday. Which is a bummer because a bike I had my eye on sold for a price I would have been happy to pay.

Hi John

Thanks for that. I rode a bike for 60 years, and only gave up because my wife refused to ride a superbike (eventually sent it to the UK for one of my grandsons). Always had an interest in old bikes, and my youngest daughter was PA to Sammy Miller a few years ago, so she’s the one who’s got the love of biking in her blood.

Best wishes

John (aka Deuxanes)

Don’t forget to message me the email you’d like me to send the link to John.

Hi John

My laptop (via Thunderbird) tells me it sent this yesterday, but I also have just found a copy in my ‘saved’ folder, so I thought I’d better send it again.

Best wishes


keep getting this in my inbox

think they’re trying to get me off my plans to put supermoto front wheel on my my enduro (Honda XR250R).

Nice bike and looks like a very reasonable price.

Interesting ad videos.

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very tempting price

Not ridden the new Interceptor, but had good times on a Constellation many moons ago (as long as you didn’t change gear).

However, if it’s anything like the abortion that the Indian bullet is in relation to a proper Enfield, then you’re welcomed to it.