ANY one a b and b owner?

I would like to discuss cotistations? SOCIAL tax

Well not crazy.

Spent a lot of time asking why why so much social tax

At last my old accountant has admited that he has made a MISTAKE

sent the wrong % to RSI

Now it is time for hime to sort this out.

I have been to see another accountant and will join him and question my

accountant about his errors. Not very pleasant ESPECIALLY as I have a big problem

with a bank which has taken us for a ride....So lots to sort out...BUT I will

Yes Paradis it is but all MY money is going in taxes and this is due ...I believe to

bad advise from my accountant.

Hi Yvonne

Hi Yvonne

We pay 12.1% (I think the extra 0.1 is the training element) but do not pay tax with our cotisations.That bit is optional and although this year we had to pay tax on our income when the tax bill arrived in August, it was less than paying the extra 1% in with your cotisations. You might like to do the sums and see if you need to be paying that 1% next year.


Hi Jan, this is what I pay, 12% social charges, and 1% tax, which I still think is high. I had a business in the UK for 4 years and never paid any tax (which I suppose is the reason why the UK has so many problems!), because we offset everything against the profits. Our accountant advised us to do this. As far as I can see, there is no way to have a business in France and not pay any tax. I guess that's the price we pay for living in Paradise!


We too have a B&B and have had a very good year. We were registered at the CCI long before autoentrepreneur came in and paid an enourmous percentage of our income to RSI. Since the arrival of the autoentrepreneur system we've been able to change the way we pay our cotisations to 'micro social' and pay the straight 12.1% of our takings, which is much less onerous than our previous cotisations.


What? OMG Barbara, that's outrageous. I pay monthly and it's 13%. Can you do anything?

Yvonne it has been a very good year....WE are getting established and making improvements

as we go.

I am going to shock you....we have paid 30% OF our turnover to the RSI in cotistations.

This year we paid for 3 years all in one....our accountant seems to have made an error or

I have lots of ideas for moving forward.

Thank you Barbara, this year has been our best year yet. I am an auto-entrepreneur, and so pay 13% to RSI on turnover, which as you say, is high. My accountant has advised me to change to a BIC next year. It's always a balance between what you make, what you declare, how much profit and what system to be on and everything that it entails.

I prefer to be above board on everything, and build my business as a proper business, as it has lots of potential. For someone who is running it as a hobby business, then probably the micro-auto thing is best.

How about you Barbara? Have you had a good year?

Hope that you are/had a good trading year.

Tax wise we are with the micro bic and RSI and the cotistations are large in proportion to

the takings.

We feel that our accountant has mis advised RSI

How do things work for you? If it is not to personal a question?

Hi Barbar, I own a B&B in Champagne. How can I help you? :-)