Any professional cycle racing enthusiasts?

Hello! Hopefully there are a few pro cycle racing fans on this board, though I did not see a group.

I’m writing on behalf of my husband John, a huge pro cycle racing fan, particularly the European Road Racing season, now in full swing. Having said that, he follows track racing, mountain bike racing and cyclocross.

John, a very active racer and coach for 50+ years, is now pretty much housebound with ME/CFS and he only gets to talk cycling with me.

It would be super to find someone he could have phone conversations with to debrief events, as all good sports fans do. All other activity stops in our house if a pro or even semi-pro race is on telly, so for the summer season at least there is always a recent race to discuss.

Thanks for any replies,

Pam and John Bryan

near Sarlat, Dordogne

Hi all

Here you are - a group of your very own! I will close this discussion and post the link in the new group - enjoy!

I haven’t had the time to catch up with what Cavendish is doing or has done this year - I only have french TV so if it’s not covered I don’t get to see it and with two kids under 4 time is at a premium! but I understand if Cavendish got dropped - that’s what happs to me a lot, 85+kg is way to heavy when things start going up hill! as for coaching, that’s a very nice offer but at the moment I simply haven’t got the time: work/kids etc.but as I do a lot of work via internet I can usually find the time to tap a quick message, although I joined this site a few days ago and my other half’s already asked me what’s going on! must get back to work - have a tight deadline to meet and the kids won’t sleep for long!

bye for now


Hi Andrew!

How wonderful you are busy with your local club and organizing rides. My husband is a Brit, but lived 40 yrs in Canada and we were very busy with our local clubs, training rides, organizing races, coaching etc.

I love that you mentioned Cavendish. John’s had me on the Internet for the last couple weeks trying to figure out where the heck he was. Rode the Grand Prix of some sort in Germany yesterday and got dropped on the climbs. Not a good year so far, but it is not July yet.

Would you be up for a bit of phone coaching from an old fashioned coach? John is not much into heart rate monitors (he knows from his legs after so long racing - of course he can no longer ride, much to his great regret) but is a very good coach. He coached several youngsters to win Canadian Championship medals, me to the international level and one of his proteges to the Olympic level.

I’ll try sending you a pm to exchange numbers.


Hello Pam and John

I’m in the Aveyron and cycle with my local club, may do some cat 4 races next year but don’t have the time to train enough at the moment. Saturday club run of 80 to 100km and a Wednesday evening run of 50 or 60 depending on who turns up - I’ve just started organising them. Here’s an idea of the club, I’m in the top left.…

As for talking cycling - more than happy but I’m not up with everything that going on at the moment (but will be on the roadside as normal when the tour comes through in July)

Will Cavendish win as many stages this year? Where will Bradly Wiggins finish - do you think he could make it onto the podium?

Bye for now or as we say in teh club "sportivement"