Any recent experiences crossing the channel?

With regard to Operation Stack?

We are booked on Eurotunnel in two weeks, and am hoping that our journey won't be impacted by the recent issues.

Has anyone travelled across recently? Any tips on an easy route?

I like to plan!

Thanks in advance.

We came to the UK with our Hymer on Wednesday 29th & the only problem was my looking for cheap diesel in Citi Europe-no access for high vehicles! We had to avoid queuing lorries to get back on the ?A16. We stayed overnight on the Tuesday at Castels Camping Chateau Bel Assise to avoid the local aires where there have been problems.

We saw more police than migrants.

Only problem was major delay on M20 (closed) of over 2hours & we had to head north via Canterbury! Feel sorry for the lorry drivers 'stacked' on the south-bound M20.

Our return is next Thursday teatime so it will be interesting to see what happens.

All the best,


Different circumstances for different people, I for example don't want to put my dog in the hold of an aircraft.

Came through the Tunnel yesterday (Sunday) morning without problem. No sign of any problems around Calais.

In fact the only problems we had was on the D route from Abbeville to Azincourt (we were there to unsuccesfully help the Constable beat the English!) - and that had nothing to do with immigrants but burning tyres and straw blockades set up by protesting farmers

No idea Paul - same thing happens on Andorra's borders (again not in Schengen Area) - sometimes you're waved through, sometimes not.

Thanks Simon, I didn't know that.

However it still doesn't explain why the Douane at Folkestone check in didn't even bother to open their 'kiosk' window last time we used Eurotunnel. They just waved us through?!

Yes Paul - France, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain (plus 21 other EU countries) are part of the Schengen Area - the UK is not. Also, just a tip, many on SFN are immigrants - including me:-)

I digress...

Can anybody explain why the French Douane are meticulous in checking passports at all the western channel ports (adding 30 minutes on average to the ship to road times) but hardly bother to glance at passports at the Folkestone check in?

And, don't even have a presence at all other points of entry such as Belgium, Germany Italy and Spain.

We are all in the EU, so why is there a concern at say Le Havre, but not at the tunnel crossing and from other EU member countries?

It also means that the economic immigrants are able to travel across Europe from eastern states and the Mediterranean all the way to Calais without border control. The French seem more concerned with checking holiday makers from Britain than preventing the immigrants becoming their problem!?

Is that so Simon!

What's wrong with squares of newspaper pushed onto a rusty nail I ask you ?

Ahh, the good old days until we went all posh and used Izal !

Barbara - British toilet rolls tend to be about 1km longer than a French one ! :-)

Strangely enough Barbara, every time one of my brothers comes to visit he and his wife always bring their own toilet rolls from the UK !

Simon....Is there something very special about British toilet paper?

I think that the answer to your question could be that people enjoy exploring

France rather than waiting for check ins and flights....and Prett a Manger Sarmies.

Just a quickie....I can understand folks driving between the UK and France when they have short distances to travel at either end but....why do the others bother - it seems sooooo expensive v flying? Is it just the fact that you can load your cars up with British toilet rolls?

Surely the thoughtful migrant would choose Dieppe or Roscoff?

Well last saturday the two hour wait was due to migrants in the tunnel apparently and that two hours had a knock on all the way back to the exit of the M25 !

I'm sure there are cleverer souls than us trying to sort it out ! Doesn't seem to be getting an easier though..

Our daughter lives in York, and we have family living even further up the A1; we live in Brittany.

Our preferred route take us due south from Yorks, past Oxford and through the lovely rolling landscapes of Hampshire, past Winchester and drops neatly down onto the south coast at Southampton; making the ports of Weymouth, Poole and Portsmouth close at hand.

Depending on your destination, there is a broad choice of "metal" boats and high-speed cats serving Le Havre, Caen, Cherbourg and St. Malo. It takes a little research on the companies' timetables. (LD / Brittany Ferries / Condor), but a call to customer services saves a lot of time mucking about on-line trying different permutations. The high-speed service between Weymouth /Poole and St Malo offers a pleasant stop in the Channel Islands - with it's quite attractive tax regime on 'duty - free', and accomplishes the journey by way of two short 'hops'.

One of the benefits of using the 'western Channel' is the reduced number of controls....and cats don't carry freight!

The Brittany Ferry overnighter from Portsmouth offers the chance for a fair nights sleep (for about the same as a moderate hotel) and the breakfast isn't too bad either!

If time is short - you might want to compare costs flying Ryanair, Leeds - Dinard and hiring a car.

Bon voyage.

Came over from the UK on the ET on Thursday am. Arrived at the terminal at 8am for our 8.50 train and didn't leave until 11.15 so the migrant problems are having an impact.

That's Handy Liz, living in Folkestone but I bet your inbox gets inundated with all of us asking how is is today (wink)

The only way in is off the M20. Coming from Folkestone/Dover you take the M20 to the Folkestone services/Stop 24 exit, and immediately rejoin at junction 11a. The old A20 exit is closed until September I understand for maintenance work.