Any recommendations for a private French teacher in Paris?

I'm very frustrated with myself and my progress in learning French. I've listened through a lot of the Pimsleur audio program in the past year or so, and then started taking about 6 hours of class per week through the Mairie and another private organization, but I think I need my own teacher who can explain some things to me in English. I have no idea how much this might cost, or how to find someone who's right for me. I'm wondering if anyone here might have any suggestions or referrals. Thanks :-D

Hi Kendal, my contact has someone in Paris who may be suitable if you could let me have your e mail address, I'll pass it on. All I know at the moment is that her name is Elizabeth. It would be much easier if you could talk to her directly, don't you think?

If you prefer Kendal you can e mail me via my website...there's a link on my profile.

Hi Kendal, I have several people who teach via Skype, I've sent a friend request so I can e mail you some links...I'll pass on info to my Paris possibility too!

Hi Kendal,

I have a possibility in Paris, they want to know when you want to learn and how often eg once a week for an hour....

Have you thought about trying immersion ie staying with a French family for a few days?

Hi Kendal,

I would be delighted to try and find you someone, I gather you're in Paris (but which arrondissement )and would prefer one to one.

Kind regards,