Anybody know of a good dog sitting service?

We live in the Gard and are considering getting a dog in late summer (a Grand Bouvier Suisse puppy), but we'd like to be sure that we can find a good dog sitting service before we go ahead. There will be occasions when we will both have to travel away and are keen that we have somewhere for the dog to stay if/when this happens. Ideally it will be a home where the dog can be a part of the family. It doesn't necessarily have to be in the Gard and we're prepared to travel a sensible distance (ie up to 2 hours drive) and of course, we're prepared to pay the going rate! Does anybody have any ideas or contacts which could be helpful? Thanks, Julie.

I use a sitter from animaute ( They have sitters all over France, some who come to your home, others who take animals in. I can recommend mine, but she's in Marseille....

Hi Julie,

I have often used this site to find dogsitters. It is slightly expensive the first time you go because you have to pay the company and the people looking after your dog but once you have a good contact you can go directly to the dogsitter fo the next time. So you could try a short stay at first then it will be cheaper for a longer stay.

As you're in the Gard, i have a question, do you know anything about insuring flood risk areas? We're thinking of buying property in Rochegude (near barjac) but are concerned about the property flooding. Do you have this problem?