Anybody know what this means

Morning All

I have an appointment with Ameli on Friday to give them my S1

They say to bring the following document

  • Données de géolocalisation : 48.6826,-1.3549

Absolutely no idea what this is.

Anybody any idea



Those numbers look like a map reference to me so perhaps you just take those? Though why they should want location details other than an address is beyond me…

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They are GPS coordinates, perhaps telling you how to get there??? Seems a bit odd!

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CPAM offices in Avranches? Or very close. Odd request.

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50300 Avranches

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Are you sure that they are asking for a document? I’d concur that they are probably just telling you where they are…

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Definitely here:

Which is definitely the CPAM offices.

Are you sure it’s in amongst the documents required?

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Nice place Avranches, when the timing is right we stop for lunch on the way to/from our French house.

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Good range of shops. Unfortunately most of my experiences of Avranches are the two hospitals :rofl:

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A bit like Lyon for me.
Our 2003 Mercedes is now no longer permitted in Lyon, although I wonder how many people who are on their journey south passing through the centre of Lyon realise that they are in a controlled zone?

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Thanks all

That makes sense.

It was definitely under documents to bring.

Quality replies as per usual :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:



Hope they mentioned to bring an RIB - it’s what I forgot :roll_eyes:

Yet another FR acronym, Angela. What this?

Relevé d’identité bancaire - your bank account details.

There’s often a copy of your RIB in the back of your chequebook…

I had to go back with mine or I wouldn’t have had any refunds, which would be sad :smiley:

Only professional vehicles are excluded permanently in the ZFE area, and if you take the périphérique and through-route that is excluded from the zone anyway. Individual cars with no crit’air or 3, 4 or 5 are only forbidden on high pollution days. And if you have more than 3 people in the car you are exempt from this ban. So people travelling through Lyon are ok.


Don’t got a cheque book, Graham. But the old CB has been given a bit of stick today. High pressure sox - €33.20 each! Well, I ended up paying <€40 for pair. They’d better work.

Last time I had this problem the [UK] doc simply changed my blood pressure scrip and that did the biz.

In that case perhaps you were given RIBs by your bank when you set up the account? Hope CPAM does have bank details for you or you won’t be getting refunds :thinking:

If you get a prescription for the socks it can reduce the price a tiny bit…