Anybody living in the haute cantons

(amanda coxon) #1

Hi Hello!

Just wondering if there is anybody living 'up north' wanting to meet other people or network. I live in st pons de thomieres and am interested in meeting up, forming book exchanges, or perhaps a franglais group or just getting to know people I don't already know.

(Sally Bakowski) #2

Hi Amanda,

I'd love to meet up if you're still interested. I've just moved to Vieussan so not that far away. Your ideas for book groups and franglais groups sound just what I'm looking for, or gardening. I'm planning on going to the plant exchange in Premian tomorrow and maybe the vide grenier in Olarques on Sunday so could we meet at one of those?

(barbara craig) #3

Hello again Amanda - I just came across your ad on air b and b as I was investigating accommodation for next years painting holiday, at the start of the month I had painting pals over and they stayed at Nabat le haut which was very nice but a bit of a pain traipsing back and forwards. I see you are 'just around the corner' so we should meet and see if we get on!

(amanda coxon) #4

barbara I will definitely look out for artists wandering around st pons...hopefully will be able to indentify them! But also do get in touch if you get a mo and you'd like to.

(Elizabeth Stewart) #5

Denise, we are part timers in Creissan, France about 30 minutes from Magalas. Perhaps we can cross paths one day.


(barbara craig) #6

Arriving soon! but I shall be hosting a painting holiday, so very busy, if you see any artists about the town introduce yourself.

(amanda coxon) #7

Hi Denise, Magalas is a fairish way from here although probably close by US standards! Having said that it is a great drive up through lovely countryside and st pons is worth a visit, it has good market on Wednesday mornings an impressive cathedral with a beautiful organ, an interesting little museum and lots of other things to see. So if you fancied popping by let me know and I'll have the kettle on!

Hi Barbara, Great another st pons-er! If you'd like to meet up next time you're here let me know and I'll put the kettle on for you as well

(barbara craig) #8

Hello Amanda, I am a St.Pons De Thomieres part timer, maybe our paths will cross sometime.

(Denise Feeney) #9

Hello Brian and Amanda,

My husband and I are moving from the US to Magalas on May 14th! I am not sure how close I will be to you both but would love to meet and make new friends



(Brian Langston) #10

Smashing thanks Amanda- our paths may well cross...a bientot Brian

(amanda coxon) #11

Hi Brian,

I've facebook friend-ed you...My book collection is large but dvd collection not very large...Just looking to meet new people and maybe hopefully get stuff going in this area...hope to meet you sometime.


(Brian Langston) #12

Hi Amanda- We're at Lodeve which isn't a million miles away and have a healthy book and DVD collection!

Happy to link up and also via FB on