Anybody out there live near Tours or in the Indre-et-Loire department?

Hello, as I'm relatively new to this website, just wondering if anybody out there lives near Tours or in the 37 department? Fellow Brits, show yourselves!


Hi Geraldine, remember me? I used to play badminton in Cormery a few years ago. Since then had my daughter and now play in Reignac on a Tuesday night.. How are you? Fancy meeting up one of these days, your kids must be quite grown up now?


Hello Bernadette, nice to hear from you! I live in a small village myself direction Loches called Cormery, don't know if you know this part of the region at all. Only know one other English person in the area but I'm sure there are a few in Tours. Just putting out feelers! Hope to chat again soon


Hello Geraldine,

I am in the 37 but the other side of the region. About 50km from you. We are very very rural and have few english close by. Would always be glad of a chat and look forward to talking to you.