Anybody using Britbox in France? If so, how to do it?

Just heard about Britbox - is anybody using it. The site seems to suggest that it is restricted to Britain, Canada and the USA.

I just signed up for a 30 day free trial using a UK credit card and accessing the site through a VPN. Works fine.

Hi, John, Thanks for that. However, if I go onto the Britbox site (from France), click the “join now”, I get the message “Unfortunately, Britbox is only available in the United States and Canada”. Is it the VPN which bypasses that?

I signed up for the 30 day trial with no problems from France and no VPN. I deleted my account before the free period finished because I actually didn’t use it.

Hi, Sue, thanks for that - which site did you go too, as I said before, on the Britbox site, it says “only available in USA and Canada”?. Is there an alternative route? I read recently that Samsung are thinking of putting it on their Smart TV’s.

I just typed in Britbox on my search bar on my Samsung tablet.

There is and

Both are likely to be unavailable without a VPN or similar as it will see you are not in the correct region for licensing etc

Yes Peter, the BBC, for example, identify your location by your IP address which your internet service provider allocates you, which is obviously a French address. When you subscribe to a VPN (virtual private network) service then they’re the only ones who see your real (ie French) address and they will route you through a server in any country you choose thereby giving you an address from that location. So you can pretend to be in the UK for the BBC, in Italy for RAI the US for Netflix, etc. etc. Mind you, you can only pretend to be one place at any one time but switching your virtual location is simply a selection on the VPN app.
I’ve also noticed Britbox is available through the ITV hub - though it’s main offering deems to ne black and white episodes of On the Buses…