Anyone any experience of Workaway (or similar)

I think workaway is great for one reason it can be really hard to find someone to work for you in the country side off France ore any Western Europen country that are willing to now days the students don’t want to have summer work anymore and most of them don’t even come home during their summer breaks any more the stay in city and work there instead even the local McDonald’s and supermarkets have really big problems finding staff even all year round and the problem is getting worse for every year

Don’t be put off by older people! We had a 55 year old Irish guy came to us and organised our garage, weeded the garden (it was a real mess at the time) and serviced our lawnmower. He worked really hard, even staying out in the rain! Also an interesting person to converse with. You get to read their profiles on line and can usually weed out the unsuitable ones. We had lots of students wanting to come in the height of summer when we specifically asked for help March to May!

Thanks Valerie, good to know.

I spent two “hoildays” WWoofing with an animal refuge in Normandie (nr Sourdeval) mainly as a way of improving my french without paying out for a residential course.
Lots f hard work on the farm, but I learnt a lot and I think I contributed a lot as she now has a little gite that is wheelchair accessible. My host and I are still great friends, and she has had some wonderful long and short stay help, but I know she has also had problems with some volunteers who had “problems”(usually substance abuse related).

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