Anyone else having issues with #TousAntiCovid?

Easy to find, install, ticked all the allow boxes but it won’t activate.

Two warning messages;

  1. get the latest version, yes done that
  2. must connect to wifi, yes done that and other apps are working via wifi


I havent had experience with the App but, should it be Bluetooth rather than WiFi?

Thanks Vanessa,
Yes it will talk to other phones via bluetooth once activated but won’t ‘activate’ because it claims not to see wifi (which is how I downloaded & installed it)

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Just in case anyone else has issues, I cured the problem by;

  1. Giving permission to HMS App (Huwaei) to motion sensor
  2. Setting ‘Home City’ in Time to Paris

You may have to do the same.

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Nope - just updated the old Covid to the new Anti Covid, matter of minutes.
Left the house today, activated - no problems…

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I had no problems.

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Mine didn’t work after the update. I deinstalled it then reinstalled it and it’s been ok since.