Anyone else having problems with Ameli Site?

I’ve received, seeming, a bona fide email from Ameli

Une information importante vous attend dans la rubrique Notifications de votre compte ameli.

Consultez la au plus vite en vous connectant sur votre compte personnel en cliquant ici ou depuis l’application pour smartphone ou tablette.
Avec toute mon attention,

I have tried to get onto the site 4-5 times via my PC. Each time, correct social security number and correct password. All it’s doing is starting (seemingly) to get me onto the site and then I find I’m back at the log on page again.

I’m wondering now whether it’s a spam email. But that still doesn’t explain why I can’t get onto the site - I’m not using their “clic ici” link

Looks like they’ve updated their site, Sue. I’ve just got in but it’s veeeeery slow

They forced me to change my password last time I logged in a couple of weeks back - are you sure you have your current one?

I have also just checked in and it is really slow, it also asked me to check my details which I declined in case the site had been compromised but it did let me log in.

Glad you’re having the same experience as me @digitracker . Incredibly slow! The asked me to verify as well so I did.

The site may be just overloaded because of the rise in covid numbers and people trying to access their accounts ??

Possibly. It did look at bit different to start with though so I assumed they’d “improved” it :smiley:

I had a similar email and it turned out to be a generic message telling me that everybody over 60 or 65 (I do not exactly remember) is urged to get a Covid booster.

My email says

"Bonjour Sandcastle

Un message important est disponible dans votre compte ameli.

Consultez dès maintenant la messagerie de votre compte ameli en cliquant ici ou depuis l’application pour smartphone ou tablette.

Avec toute mon attention,
votre correspondant de l’Assurance Maladie."

If your email is the same maybe your message is the same too.

Thanks @AngelaR @digitracker @Sandcastle - Glad it’s not just me! I’ll try again in a few days.

As I’ve got a lot of items going through at the moment I thought it might be that. But you could be right @Sandcastle
@AngelaR - changed my email some time back and yes, I am using the new one. It REALLY annoys me when a site forces a password change on me!

I had that last week, and I’m under 60 :unamused:
Boosted at the beginning of December :+1:

Yes I am also boosted so I suppose they must be sending it to everybody.

Your thread got me looking at Ameli.

No problems getting in… and you’ve reminded me to check when my Attestation runs out. The last one only went to 31/12/21 no matter when in 2021 I checked it… it would never go into 2022.

Today… the Attestation is clearly dated 10/1/2022 - 9/01/2023 so someone somewhere has clicked the button and (phew) our cover continues to roll along … :hugs:

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No problem logging on for me either. Also have my Attestation till 9/01/2023, so all is well.
Now if only I could understand all the payments and refunds :thinking:

I’ve just logged on to the Ameli site (at 01.30 hrs) and it was working like greased lightning, so perhaps the problem depends on where one is situated or the time of day.
Also printed my Attestation valid into January 2023.
I did have to change my password in order to log in though.

Remember: NEVER click on a button or link embedded in a message. Use your web browser and register yourself on the site mentionned in the mail. In this precise case, they may get your security number, which is a first step for doing nasty things.

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