Anyone for golf and FTA

It’s the British Open , this year being played in N Ireland. I’m addicted to most sports but I particulalrly enjoy watching the top golfers cos’ I know how difficult the game is to play, even at a modest level. I’m a rubbish golfer but appreciate just how good these boys (and girls) are.

The big problem for me is the fact it’s only being shown on pay-TV. The good old days of Rock and Roll saw major sporting events like the British Open, test match cricket, Grand Prix racing etc shown on terrestrial TV. Such British institutions should in my opinion be available to everyone to enjoy even if it means the government making funds available for the broadcasting.

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Hi Peter we have had the opportunity to watch every Single Major for the past few years and most other PGA and European Tour events en direct with Golf+ for only 8 euros a month. That’s in addition to our Canalsat package.

To prove your point about how difficult it is McIlroy just quadrupled the first in a fine display of first tee nerves - if he recovers to a top ten finish from this start it will be a miracle.

Sounds a good deal Dan, my SKY package gives me my fill of golf but I feel the British Open should be available on FTA just as it was when I was growing up enjoying the excellent BBC coverage with Peter Alliss and Henry Longhurst et al.

Rory M struggling and great to see the reception for NI legend Darren Clark. The course looks in excellent nick.

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I too miss watching the golf and I refuse to pay a subscription in order to do so…at the moment. On the plus side, it does save on arguments.

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Oh no it doesn’t !


In my view nothing compares to the BBC Open coverage - it was a sad day when they surrendered the right to show it. Henry Longhust was a hard act to follow but Peter Alliss and Alex Hay were fantastic and who could forget the sight of Ken Brown rolling his balls across some of the most challenging greens in the sport.

They are sadly missed - unfortunately the French commentary team, save for a few exceptions, can be very annoying and feel they need to talk constantly during play - Marc Farry & Thomas Levet are the main offenders and seem to know exactly how each shot should have been played when the great golfers get it wrong.

Occasionally we are reduced to turning the sound off when they are in the commentary box which, joyfully, is not that often.

What do you think of the between shot interviews - l would have thought it a little off-putting for the players?

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We can all talk a good game :wink:

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Dunno Lily, I still end up in a bunker !!

The BBC commentary is legendary and the coverage was excellent. The SKY coverage is ok with ineresting features appearing now and then. The interviews between holes by the players would be a turn-off for me. I’m not a fan of the French coverage which harks back or reminds me of the snobbishness which is rife among the GC members. It’s definitely a status thing for many as it was in England up to the '80s IMO. Scotland of course has always had a different approach to the game.
I love those rolling fairways at Portrush.


Just follow through Peter :wink:

I will make do with the highlights over the next four days!

If I do that I will probably s*µ£ myself !