Anyone found a 40 kilo bomb? (Landes et Gironde)

Not sure if there’s a reward… :roll_eyes:

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Hmmm… it would be helpful if they posted a picture. I bet they’ve changed a lot since those funny looking objects with tail wings that everyone dropped lots of in WW2 …:rofl:

Would you know what you were looking at if you did see it? :thinking:

Most likely to buried several feet down in a farmer’s field.

Practice munitions are usually just an empty casing weighted and balance to be aerodynamically identical to the real ordinance.

40kg is a weird weight for a bomb though.

Easy to spot a practice bomb as it’ll be painted blue.

At a brocante in Belgium I bought a WW2 mortar shell. Because of where we were I thought there is a strong chance of it being part of the Ardennes defence. It sat on our kitchen table being admired by all and sundry. Then I took it to a friend who has a war museum. Get it out he screamed it’s still live and leaking. Went to the Gendarmerie who said tell the Maire. The Maire called the Securite Civile who arrived 3 days later all suited up, put it in an armoured box into their armoured car and went off to explode it. We live in the Meuse Argonne and things are regularly found. The most recent, 7 unexploded shells in the river close by.