Anyone got an electric car in France?

Our son has had enough of freezing cold winters in NZ, due to really badly built and uninsulated housing stock. It’s like they have a blind spot about personal responsibility and the environment.

In the bush in a hotel John. There’s only only one way I can make sense of those two together.


Looks like Mercedes has solved the battery recharging problem.

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Can I bring this topic back to the intended purpose. Thanks


I don’t drive an electric car but can confirm there were charging points on the A84 at the services near Vire. I didn’t notice any when I stopped briefly on the A28.

There are some on the A28 but it is a bit poor as most require leaving the autoroute even by a small amount which is pretty bonkers.

I have seen on the autoroute company websites they show there should be chargers - I think in the main service areas but probably not the Aires.

Interested to know how often they are out of action to establish if electric cars are viable yet for long journeys.

I suggest you download an app or two as users post out of order chargers to warn others.
A better route planner (ABRP) is a good one

And not a Duracell bunny in sight.

I’ve friend with a Tesla 3. He commutes from Cherbourg to Nice regularly. No issues whatsoever.

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Totally different…our neighbour commutes from Germany in a Tesla.

You are near bordeaux Mat? We are heading over there end of next week mainly on autoroute (not with the EV this time) so will pay close attention to the chargers we encounter as we stop a lot - for the dog rather than fuel.


Absolutely, thank you.

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A friend of mine lives in the Grantham area and it seems there is a new occupational source of income there, cutting and thieving the charging cables from the charging points for the copper wire. That would go down well if the car is running on mV instead of volts.

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A friend of mine lives in Grantham too. He has had his petrol siphoned in tje past so theiving just moves with the times.

Totally different to what? :joy:

Musk was smart enough to understand that he needed a network of chargers or Tesla wouldn’t succeed. So if one buys a Tesla, as I stated, no issues. Other manufacturers also know the need to combat the range anxiety sales inhibitor. I’ve an i4 on order and I expect the GPS in that to do the same for me in terms of routing and availability, with whichever service providers BMW has onboard, as the GPS in my Pal’s Tesla does for him.

Plus there has been talk for quite a while that Tesla will open up their network to non Tesla vehicles. Then we will all have the peace of mind that Tesla drivers have today.

Why aren’t are you a fan of leasing mind sharing your experience please.

Can you name your insurance pls?

I’m a big fan of leasing and IMHO this thread just serves to strengthen the case for not buying something that may well turn out to be unsuitable in a couple of years time.


Last summer such an electric car drove into my garden (in the middle of nowhere, in Charente). The driver step off, and explained he was desperately looking for a charging station for his empty car, the app indicating it should be there in my garden. It actually was 7 km away, in the village, and he had very few energy left…
He explained he was hopping that way from Paris to - hopefully - Charente Maritime. He said he should never have bought such a car (A Zoe, I think) for such trips, and would rather have spent the extra money for a Tesla, from his experience at this time.

He should have planned better!

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