Anyone got an old banger for sale?

I´m looking for an old car to use for my dogs (taking them a bit further afield but not TOO far!). Alternatively, anyone know a good, reliable mechanic (near Cahors - 46 -)that could repair a Peugeot 405 petrol engine that MAY have a broken cam belt? Or even an 1800 cc, 5-gear, petrol engine on it's own!


Hello Miles

Thanks for your reply.

I'm only going by what the breakdown mechanic has said - but he's also the garage owner, so who knows???

What actually happened was that after a 1000 km run (sweet as a bird or, as John says, the engine ticked away like a mouse's heart!) and pottering around Cahors et environs, I got into the car after a deep frost overnight. When I turned the ignition, there was a horrible crunching noise. I thought it was ice (that had accumulated on the fan) being crunched as the car turned over. Then .................. nothing except a whirring sound as I tried to start it again. Tried a jump start downhill and ....... nothing!

I'm hoping a local mech (on hols at the moment) will give me a second (more optimistic!) opinion next week. Otherwise, I'll be looking for a replacement engine or a replacement car which I can ill afford right now! Hence the plea for either an engine or an old banger!

BTW, the car's only done 50,000 miles (not kms).

Have a great night tonight - my celebs will be at home of course!!!!!

All the very best for 2011


Hi Julie

I'm no mechcanic, but if the cambelt went and the engine stopped it's almost certainly a scrapyard job. Things go out of time and start hitting other things that should be left alone. (Can you tell I'm not a mechanic? :D )

What happened to make you think it was the cambelt?