Anyone got family coming to stay?

Does anyone know a couple with two/three children who are driving to France from the UK any time soon for a holiday? A national UK newspaper wants to video your journey from start to finish and get you to log the facts, figures, trials and tribulations of your drive from start to finish. Please share &/or get in touch this morning if you're interested. There's a great fee on offer.

Yes, but they are coming from Germany!!

Ignore what I wrote - it wouldn't work, we speak French all the time...!

I'll be doing the exact opposite in a couple of weeks time...? (France to holiday in the UK, driving there with OH and 2 kids).

Hi Catharine,

Are you still searching for a family?

I have friends with three children, who are traveling from the UK to France mid August. I have sent them a message to see if they would be interested. Once I’ve heard from them I’ll drop you a reply.
Regards Steve