Anyone here into Bitcoins?

Bitcoins have always been synonymous with monopoly money in my mind…

but there is obviously more to it than that… or is there… ???

Super volatile currently with heavy losses for people who jumped in end of year 2017. Bitcoin and other coins will probably play a role in mainstream finance eventually. Governments not sure how to control / regulate properly yet or even if possible.

Yes, there are some excellent underlying technologies which will revolutionise many industries in addition to payments. There is extreme volatility due in part to the relative infancy of the market and news outlets jumping on any market correction with click bate headlines!

I can’t see anyone using paper money for payments in 10-15 years and the decentralised nature of blockchain technologies will facilitate faster and cheaper payments in the future.

Here’s an an example of an interesting use case for blockchain that is not payment related.

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This headline is a prime example, they actually only banned the use of credit cards to buy cryptocurrency. Supposedly to protect us from ourselves, more likely to avoid liquidity disappearing from fiat currencies.

I’m still jury out on Bitcoin and indeed all cryptocurrencies…and truth be told all fiat currency and never taken in by gold and silver as a representation of our value either…,and fail to see how a representation of a representation of gold and silver via crypto could hold any value…I can see that the Blockchain which is distinctly seperate could bring good things to our collective reality but so far my tentative exploration into registering and getting verified by an exchange that serves France has yielded zero results…

i bought bit vcoins when it was super low in price and sold when it hit a high, just the once, made a few quid but nothing to sing about. i dont think id ever gamble with it and stick to low risk investments only. I use threadneedle investments, well columbia threadneedle now but still threadneedle.

Have a dedicated advisor and they just use my money to trade in stocks and i see profits, beyond that it never interested me much. I get the odd call or email asking me if id like to invest more but i tend to just reinvest the interest.

although we jus cashed in my profits and a bit of my capital to get a car we much needed. rest in in euro division now.

Do not think id trade in bit coin again its way too risky and very much a long game.

the headline only says banned bitcoin via credit cards though. s pretty accurate. think they had a spat of people getting credit cards fraudulently buying bit coin and off int the sunset. Think this bank is going to lead the charge on it others will follow

Well done Harry and chuffed that you at least saw a little out of it…I’ve been specifically watching USI tech…and then subsequently gobsmacked at what transpired with the “USA and Canada”…::I listen to Dani Arnold Mckenney of Rts Earth and cliff high amongst many others including James corbett of the corbett report…x :slight_smile:

The meta tag says ‘Virgin Money joins Bitcoin ban’. That’s what gets shared on social media. It is indeed different to the headline which has less click factor due to it being more accurate!


Not so much - they freely admitted it was to protect them from any liability for “faulty” investments (credit card companies share liability for faulty goods and, it seems, faulty bitcoins - at least that was their stated concern).

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And isn’t that a “fact” worthy of much deeper research and worthy of much deeper exploration down the proverbial rabbitholes of our collective financial and judicial enslavement…???

think bit coin is really really risky unless your playing a long game. good time to buy though while its low? its used more and more frequently now.

To reiterate…no problem whatsoever verifying with USI tech…(I’m gonna stick with it as it’s my only experience of crypto and it appealed to me as I can only just get by day to day let alone join the high flyers…) My problem came with verifying with an exchange…I tried coin jar…blockchain…Bitstamp… local bitcoins…a Chinese exchange…et al ad nauseum…I have crypto wallets coming out my ears…,I attempted a low value exchange of €200 to bitcoin reversed immediately…not even on a credit card as I don’t have one…,…,