Anyone hired toilets for an event?

I’m trying to get an idea of cost of hiring toilets for a day event next year. Anyone done this or could recommend any company? I’m in SW Aquitaine, near Pau.

If you have to wait 'til next year David, that’s going to be some event :astonished:
Sorry, couldn’t resist :wink:

These are around Pau, according to the pages jaunes (, but no indication of prices

Ha! :slight_smile:
Thanks Bill, all the ones I’ve found just don’t give any idea of prices and the ones I’ve asked for devis haven’t replied. Sigh.

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Hi David… so many firms are on holiday at the moment… you will perhaps fare better if you try in a few weeks…

Three of the companies I tried yesterday… are on holiday until 26th August, 16th August … and just “on holiday” according to their answering machines. Not much good when it is an emergency… :zipper_mouth_face:

At least time is on your side… :relaxed:

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Thats likely the prob’!

Yes, you’re probably right. I’ll wait till September.