Anyone in a Copropriete?

Having signed the Acte de Vente on an apartment less than a month ago, I was surprised yesterday to receive a bill for over 3,000 euros, which is apparently my share of renovations (Ravalement Facade) on the building, carried out last year (Travaux annee 2012). The bill was sent to my rental address, as I haven't even moved in yet. I have sent an email to my Notaire, asking why this wasn't mentioned before - obviously I would have offered a lower price if I thought I was going to be charged for work done a year before I bought the place. Can anyone living in an apartment block tell me if this seems normal? Thanks.

Thanks Steve - the letter I received was from a management company for the copropriete syndic. My notaire has faxed the seller's notaire to ask what this is all about. It seems very odd to be apparently signed up to pay for something, without this having to be declared at some point before the Acte de Vente was signed. We shall see.

Doesn't seem normal to me.

I own a flat which we let out. Any major work on the communal parts of our buidling like re-rendering would have to be put to a vote at an AGM or EGM of the syndic de coproprieté and which would define the amount to be paid by each owner, when the work was to be done etc. Assuming there is a syndic, it might be worth asking for the minutes of that meeting to see what was agreed. It might have some strange clause that spread the payment over a long period.