Anyone interested in Art?

Hi everyone, I live close to Le Puy en Velay/Haute Loire. I am going next June for 2 weeks to Sardinia/Bosa to take a fresco painting class and roman fresco painting class with an English artist. I am going by car and wonder if anyone would be interested in going with me. going by plane is a bit difficult since the transport of big panels is complicated and expensive (1 mtr. x 1 mtr). I went this May and I enjoyed to work in the wonderful studio in a lively little town at the sea coast. let me know if further information is wanted.

Lovely Island Giesela, sailed round there, Alghero, Castelsardo, sure it’s inspirational there :slightly_smiling_face:

so you want to exchange the sails with a brush and pigments?

No thanks Giesela :slightly_smiling_face: But for anyone interested, it is an attractive offer, lovely place :+1: