Anyone know how to rent a community hall?

My daughter has been to a couple of parties that kids held in rented community halls. Does anyone know how one goes about renting one? Any idea of costs?


@tema; I could understand this were it the case that the local hall belonged to the church but this is not the case for most salles des fête and salles polyvalent. They are resolutely laïque and nothing to do with any cassocked crusader.

mairie is the way to go. If you're afraid of a priest shaking down your party, try a neighbouring commune, if they ask why you don't use your own, simply say you have more friends, and more attendees in THAT commune, and so, less people will have to drive home.

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Nick, where do you live? (We thought about using our local one, but the priest has a nasty habit of breaking up parties that go past 10:30 p.m. Seriously!)

Now that's more

We rented our local one, with the use of the industrial kitchen for €60 for the weekend. That was end of May.

Most salles de fêtes and salles polyvalente are run by the commune. The mairie of the relevant commune will have the tariff. We have a brand new one with air con, a stage, a kitchen and cold room. Very nice but not cheap. I think somewhere around 150 to 200 euros per day but I believe that is reduced for shorter lettings. Very popular for wedding receptions.