Anyone know the french pension system?

Hi all

I touched on this in another post but now to be more specific ; as an A.I. I am paying my trimestral cotisations to the RSI and all I want to know is the answers to some very basic questions :

1)how can I know if I will get a pension based on these contributions

2) if so, how can I calculate how much

3) when will I be able to start collecting it

4) will it be affected by my UK state pension

I realise that there are many variables which affect this - but I need to start somewhere and where better to start than with all the kind and helpful people on SFN ;)



Nobody will have a clue, even at the RSI - most French people don't know until they retire what they will actually get, and many have to wait up to a year or more, having contributed for over 40 years, before they actually get anything (talking RSI here, not CPAM, MSA, CIPAV etc). There was an artisan in tears on the news the other day explaining to the journalist at a protest march just that problem. To be honest, I wouldn't count on getting anything back, especially as an AE, anything you do get will be a nice surprise! ;-)

More info here

You will indeed be due a small Fr pension. I too am an AI & was asked to go & discuss my pension entitlement a couple of years ago. It is miniscule but better than nothing! I have since chosen to take my UK state pension last year & we went to RSI to talk it through with them so that I wouldn`t have to take my Fr pension yet as I`m still working here. So far, so good. We always find it easier to go in person to talk these things through...but then my husband speaks very good French.