Anyone live in or familiar with Abjat sur Bandiat - looking for perspectives

Afternoon - I used to work with a person who has a 2nd home in Abjat sur Bandiat, Ive also seen a village house online for sale there and it ticks a few boxes. There’s a bar/ restaurant there which is useful too. Does anyone live there or near there - any insight into what its like. I’m trying to figure out where to go to for a visit and a look at houses.

My move will be long term hopefully :wink:


Hi David, I can’t help I’m afraid but did notice something interesting on your link.

Since 1999 the number of inhabitants has increased by just 27 and yet the number of houses has increased by 240. Presumably lots of second homes, like your friends house, which makes me wonder what it will be like outside of the holiday season. Something to consider when deciding what you want from village life.

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This sudouest link offers several articles about the town and area…

and there are some restos…

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You will need to spend time checking any place out… but the more you can learn beforehand… the better…

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good point - since I posted this I’ve managed to pick up with my old colleague on FB - he spends about 6 months a year there.

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Absolutely - just trying to combine a trip away in the next couple of weeks and a bit of house hunting. So where we end up on the visit will hopefully be in an area “on the list”.

We used to live in St Pardoux la Riviere and often passed through Abjat.
My other half liked it, I didn’t really have an opinion, looked ok, closer to Nontron I suppose.
The area on the whole is quite nice.
Bourse immo in Brantome have been very accommodating in the past, giving us addresses to drive around ourselves prior to viewing inside.
The immo at St Jean de Cole re also quite good - dordogne immo
Am sure leggets will have agents serving the area.

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