Anyone looking forward to the new PL season?

Yes it’s back. The Premier League takes off again this evening, a little earlier than normal because of the ridiculous World Cup on Qatar.
The first match sees those useless gunners go to Selhurst Park with the remaining games to follow this weekend.
Anyone interested or is the middle of summer too early for footy when other things like cricket , barbies and the beach may be more welcoming.
Come on you Spurs.

Too early Peter

However the mighty Derby County kicked off last week with a win against Oxford.


I do have a soft spot for The Rams, no idea why. I recall watching them for the first time when Spurs legend Dave Mackay became player manager.
Big club with great (patient) fans,
Apparently their no.1 celeb fan is George Clooney !

Well I’ve never been that interested in women’s football before but after watching the ladies with their “let’s get on with the game” attitude and the happy smiling polite interviews suddenly the trudge through another predictable Premier league season with it’s overpaid babies rolling around on the floor screaming, the time wasting and the surly after match interviews doesn’t seem very appealing.

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Maybe the me will have watched the women and will behave a bit more sportingly. Or maybe not!
Izzy x

I’m looking forward to the new season. Spurs are building a good squad and we have a good manager so hoping for another top 4 finish and maybe even a trophy :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Will be interested to see how Nottingham Forest get on - good to see them back in the Premier League.
Any views on the new 5 subs rule? Just hoping it doesn’t slow the game down even more.
Izzy x

They’ve certainly got a useless marketing department, probably run by a Truss supporter:-

The five subs rule could be good though I hope it won’t prove to be too negative as managers look to close down games in the last twenty etc.
I’m old enough to remember the world of no subs which was dodgy but the advent of one sub opened up new possibilities. I think three is a fair number so it will be interesting to see how it pans out.
Yep Izzy, loads of optimism at WHL at the moment though loads of gloom at Goodison where Lamps could be the first manager sacked.
Don’t know about Forest, Lingaard is a clever signing though I don’t think it will enough to keep them away from relegation.
We need CP to turn it on later to upset those luvverly Gooners !

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Only interested in Yeovil Town these days; that way there is not too much disappointment!

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