Anyone registered a 2015 english caravan in France

Hi, Has anyone tried to register an English caravan since the new system came in place? I have a fairly new (2015) swift caravan and before I pay for a certificate of conformity from Swift, I need to know if it’s feasible or even possible. I have heard nightmare stories of the door being on the wrong side, the electrics being english and even the gas system being wrong. Please help. Thank you

A fairly recent U.K. caravan should be straightforward with the CoC. There are lots of expat myths about registering U.K. caravans but the usual problem was simply that UK caravans, unlike those from most other EU countries are not registered with a logbook. The CoC will contain the information required. I’m afraid I can’t help with the ANTS system but hopefully it should be OK.

Hi just got our cart gross in the post 3 months for our 10 year old Bailey caravan. Get it done now before brexit .DREAL have told me it will be impossible after Brexit. Feel free to email me for help and advise, how we done it.
Regards luiz

That’s great news Luiz… could be very useful, learning from your experiences.

Just one thing… please could you amend your Registraton to show your Full Name…


Stella :slight_smile:

You need a COC and fill out form R101.4 available from DREAL. Our file was 60 pages . Then a test at DREAL. Then a cart griss via ANTS.
Persistance is the key. We took every request they had by hand to the DREAL centre.

Luiz… if you are not sure how to amend your Registration to show your Full Name… just type it onto this thread and I will amend it for you…:relaxed:



Luiz Ravenscroft

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Hi Luiz,
I have just seen your post re registering a caravan here in France, we have a 2000 Bailey Ranger that we need to register. Would you be able to contact me via email so that I can pick your brains on the ‘how to’ process please. (
Kind regards,
Jim W.