Anyone want a Ferry Contract?

Strikes me that anyone who has experience of navigating a rubber duck in the bathtub… stands a good chance of making millions…

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I wonder how much that fiasco cost the UK taxpayer…
They should terminate Graylings contract too… useless idiot.

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Japan has terminated the trade deal talks too.
Also Fairtrade is saying that UK is tying emerging countries trade deals so tightly that it is to their detriment.
All goes to show that they don’t have a clue.
All grist to the mill for the next debate on the meaningful debate for the withdrawal agreement.

perhaps Brian would like the contract

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He probably already has several running out of the main port of Andorra



It seems this one isn’t going away.

We’ve had to bung £33m to Eurotunnel to mollify them.

In other news regarding Mr Grayling’s incompetence his reforms to the probation service have (predictably as he was warned that his changes would have exactly these effects) not gone well.

Brilliant quote from James O’Brien:


Yes Paul it’s cost the tax payer a third of the cost of the original contact cost because of his failure to follow defined government commercial processes well done Mr Grayling I do hope you won’t be getting your knighthood and significant pension anytime soon! This is an absolute disgrace!

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Take-back-Controller at work:

What is it about these incompetent prats and their ‘fixed’ smile?
Do they have surgery to ‘enhance’ their look?

There’s quite a lot of incompetence where Mr Grayling is concerned.

Much as I hesitate to provide a link to the Mirror here is their list of his cockups

TM has issued the famous last words ‘He has my full confidence’.
Expect a resignation by tomorrow morning.


Done for then :slight_smile:

Except - he is her loyal lap-dog and she needs every loyal lap-dog vote she can lay her hands on.

She wont sack him - because his incompetence makes her look half-way intelligent.


Along with Liam Fox.

Even Honda have proved they aren’t interested any more!! Lol if only we could sell them all off and replace them with lasers!

It gets better, now that the extra services are not going to be needed (at least for now) the cost of cancelling them is a further 43.8 million, on top of the £33 million paid to Eurotunnel and I believe P&O ae also suing,

You really, really could not make this up.

It’s even more expensive than sailing, but then it’s ships and not boats!