Can anyone help?

I joined Aol when I came to France over 8 years ago, they then were taken over by Neuf who have now been taken over by SFR. When we opted for the new SFR contract about a year ago I decided to keep my old Aol email account (for convenience). I decided last night to change my password and now find I can't access my email account and can't find anyone to contact from Aol to help with it. I have tried all the suggested methods on-line to reset with no joy.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Tony Cox

Tony, I would recommend a planned move away from AOL, as they have been moving out of Europe at a rate of knot's ,as their business has been reducing, and you might as well do it when you plan to , rather than be forced into it, when those email addresses are no longer supported. There is no need to rush, but just plan your move away.

There are plenty of good choices, including Googles Gmail. I would recommend , setting up and account and see if you like it. Once you are happy , then just move your email across. You can then access you mail from anywhere, including phones, tablets and even Internet Cafes if your stuck.

great!!! Asking the net is always good, someone out there always had the same problem, no matter what it is!!!

Thanks for all the help, I tried The google route and it worked. Someone made a silly suggestion, taking one digit off the end of my new password at a time and retrying, I took the end one off and it worked (not so silly).

Thanks all.


did you try to "ask" google the question? It may sound stupid but I have solved a lot of computers/internet problems thanks to that. Like " email aol doesn't work password changed" you can ask in french and english. You dont seem to be the only one with this problem; Check this page

tell me if you need any help with the french

Hi Suzanne,

Thank you for taking the trouble to look for me. I haven't had any problems for the eight years I have used that account, it has been used on a daily basis with no problems, with the exception of a few small blips usually phones down. The first problem I had was last night when I changed the password now no go.


Sorry, just checked again and it works. Where do you go on the main apage of aol to check your email?

Hi Tony, It's true, SFR and AOL, for email accounts are separated. I looked it up on google for you with the phrase"email aol ne marche pas" and you will see that, very often, aol network is down. Last message on google pages is from the 26 of april and the network wasn't working. I will just advice to be patient, to check it often and to stop using this email adress quickly. My dad has an aol email adress, i just checked for him and it doesn't work either. Hope this helped


I have been on my SFR portal and read some posts on the forum. People who have contacted SFR have been told they don't deal with AOL problems.

Thanks anyway


have you tried calling SFR directly??