Apple or Samsung

I am considering getting a tablet and perhaps changing my mobile. Do you think Apple or Samsung is best and should I keep to one make or take, say, a Samsung mobile and an iPad? I have a cheap tablet but it keeps bugging all the time so I thought it would be good to get a more reliable make.

Thanks for any advice

Cant afford iPhone or Samsung phones but I DO have a Samsung 10.1" Galaxy Tab Pro which is totally fab

This is an oblique response. It is all a huge great scam! This is a two LG and one Samsung family, the two LGs different models. We have friends with Apples. An Apple costs more. Apart from that, as long as we are not talking a '€42' type tablet, there is so little between them really it seems rather overblown what the 'experts' all say. My one perhaps takes a microsecond longer for applications to open than the others but by my standards it is pretty instant and all of the responses I would expect are the same. So, when I did my homework before buying and became bewildered by science I ended up looking at what I was willing to spend, putting that price bracket up in Amazon, Priceminster and so on and then taking a chance. I am very happy with what I have. For practical reasons I have a phone separately, which is a G3 model whereas the three G4s in the household have problems I do not have.

It is almost a stick a pin in it and take that thing. People who 'know' have tried to persuade me otherwise, but then I wonder why they need to pay more than double for something that is basically the same and if it is faster then the human brain isn't responsive enough to actually see the difference.

No help, but perhaps just to prepare you for the expertise that may well be heading in your direction.

I have both an iPhone and an iPad and wouldn’t swap them. My son uses Samsung and says the same. It is a very individual choice. What I wouldn’t do is mix and match. I am used to being able to write on one device, in for example notes or the calendar, and for the information to be repeated on the other. I had never had any Apple products before I got my first iPod but, since then, I have been impressed by their performance and reliability.