Apple TV box

Hi to everyone, I have a question regarding an Apple TV box and I’m hoping someone can help me with this. This was a Xmas present and I would like to know if anyone is using one and if so what was required to set it up. I’m hoping to use it for BBC iplayer and Netflix. Many thanks

You need get a first a router with a vpn so you can have I player

I don’t think Netflix still works on Apple TV I can be wrong

I think Apple TV only works with HDMI cable.

Hi Martin, thanks for your reply. I have just signed up with surfshark vpn and also have an account with Netflix. I can receive iplayer and Netflix on my iPad and I have a lead from my iPad to my tv which allows me to play on the tv but the picture quality is not very good and if I just watch on the iPad my picture is very small. I was given an Apple TV box for Xmas and if there was a way of connecting this I believe I would get a much better picture and the operation would be much simpler. I would be grateful for any advice you can offer me.

Quality is mostly up too your internet speed

I have a spare hdmi outlet on my tv in which I can play Netflix and iplayer, I do this at the moment through my iPad but the picture quality is reduced and I hoped that by using an Apple TV box it would improve but was led to believe you could not run a vpn through an Apple TV box.

The problem Can be the iPad too because it’s doesn’t have the power of a pc ore laptop

Why is your picture quality reduced when you play Netflix through your iPad? On my TV the quality is exactly the same whether played from my iPad or directly through the Netflix App. I used to use the iPad through a Chromecast plugged into the HDMI input and that had the same quality too.

Thanks for the info, I’ve checked with surfshark and it seems they don’t support Netflix U.K. Or iplayer through Apple TV only USA Netflix, although other vpn providers do, fortunately I’m on a 28 day trial so should be able to change.

Hi Dan, I have a perfect picture when playing through my iPad but that changes to a lesser quality when I plug the iPad into the tv via HDMI lead.

You can use Apple TV in a number of ways.

First connect Apple TV to the mains and plug into an hdmi socket. It will work on wifi but I found that it was better to connect to a wired internet with an rj45 cable if available.

You would need a vpn to connect to BBC catch up otherwise you will be geo restricted.

If you subscribe to Netflix you can play it on the Apple TV. You will also ave some very good radio stations on the internet. This will be pre installed.

You can screen mirror your iPhone or iPad as well.

It’s pretty easy to use once you have set it up.

Hi John, Many thanks for informative reply, I’ll have a go at setting it up later. Fingers crossed it will it will work

If you get stuck send me a message

Hi John, many thanks for your kind offer to help. I’ve tried setting up Apple TV but I don’t seem to be getting anywhere. The position at the moment is I have a vpn set up on my iPad, I also have a UK Netflix account and the BBC iPlayer App. I run both of these through my tv via an HDMI/iPad lead. It works reasonably well but it’s a lot of faffing around getting up and down all the time connecting and reconnecting.

As the Apple TV box was a Xmas present I was really hoping to make use of it to turn my tv into a smart tv. You mentioned connecting through wifi, my internet provider is SFR, but I still don’t know how to get my iPad connected to my Apple TV box. If you can throw anymore light on to this I would be eternally grateful.

Hi Roy,

Maybe this article could help