Apple TV in France

Our house buyers asking me about Apple TV…??? they use it in Canada, can they get it here? does it come down a phone line or a satellite… I have no idea what Apple TV is… could they link to it with the neuf/wanadoo/orange internet package? any thoughts please…

many thanks.. Diana

thanks mark… brilliant stuff… appreciate all the great responses… Diana


I have both a Generation 1 and Generation 2 Apple TV. If they already have a Canadian bought AppleTV it will work fine overhere. Presumably they will set up a home network to access their iTunes content stored on their PCs / Macs to playback on TV / HiFi. Any internet connection (including all of your mentioned) will allow them to have access to everything they are used to. If they keep a Canadian credit card there will be no need to use the French itunes store if that is easier.

There should be no problems.


Thank you Pamela… very helpful… they may have the apple box as they use it in Canada…

Appreciate your reply… Diana


We have apple TV you use it through i tunes on an apple mac computer, but they would have to buy the apple TV Box you need an internet provider which can be any of those you mentioned we use Orange.

hope this helps


thanks!! itunes for telly sounds a lot less complicated… appreciate your help… diana