Apples into an orchard

Is it just me or is it a general thing that once you have lots of animals you get given lots more?

In the last couple of weeks we have been given 3 chickens and a Highland pony. Fair do's, the chickens are (like me) no spring chickens, but they are all still laying nearly every day. The pony however, is in his prime, 5 years old and ready to be broken in. He will be my eldest daughter's summer project: 'débourrage grosse patate,' so hopefully he will be suitable for my youngest daughter who is somewhat a nervous rider and maybe a demi-pension as well.

Hi Lorraine, it's always sad to lose an animal, but it seems even worse when they are a couple. Your horse must be broken-hearted.

Hello, just joined this network and i can relate to what you say - also started with 5 bantam chickens, and we have 25 of them now!! also had a Fjord pony to keep our older horse from feeling lonely, unfortunately she was even older than him (25+ yrs) and we had to put her down just last Sunday, snif snif! she was very sweet and our horse misses her a lot.