Applying for auto entrepeneur


I am having problems getting registered online for AE ,last night followed the links and filled in all the boxes etc and got a dossier number - poured a rouge and relaxed ..........

today i get email saying my application was refused !

can anybody advise ?


oh yes and make sure your spam filter is up to date - Darren's AE email he set up specifically gets inundated with Cr** constantly.

Agree with Sheila - check out the AE group because pretty much everything you are about to experience will have already been felt by someone else in the group and possibly most of us already :)

If you need a Carte Vitale - be aware ours took 2 years from registering as AE to come through - see my past blog posts if you want to read my pain/gain story about handling RSI :)

It means they would be out of a job Steve. Glad you got sorted. Prepare yourself for an avalanche of paperwork in your letterbox now. You most likely will get lots of mutuelles and pension companies writing to you. There's lots of information on the AutoEntrepreneur Group, so if you have time, join the group and have a good read through. And if you have any time left after that, don't forget to upload your profile pic - give me a shout if you have any problems. I'd be happy to help.

Hi Suzanne

I had another go last night and gave up as it seemed that my details were not accepted by their system.

This morning i got a phone call from them to go thru all the details and then they emailed my dossier etc so i could print and sign - hurrah !

and then i note another en=mail from someone else saying i should ring up and discuss it ! lefthand right hand scenario i think

but its all ready to post now

thanks for your reply

NB it occurs to me that the civil servants here do not want things being done in an automated way online as it would be in the UK for example and so they have to get involved in the process.

trop de fonctionaires=trop de taxe ,SIMPLES !

Steve - what did you put down as your activity?