Applying for SIRET No

I wonder if anybody knows how to get help in English with completing the on-line application for a SIRET number?

My husband has decided to rent out the small property we are trying to sell, during the summer months via AirBnB.

As he doesn’t speak any French, he delegates it to me (because I don’t have anything else to do. Ha ha!)

I’ve done the form for the Mairie, but he also needs a SIRET number, and the on-line SIRET form is defeating me. I do not understand some of the legal implications and I can’t find anywhere that explains them in a way I can understand.

Has anybody else gone through this and know where to find an explanation in English? My French is quite reasonable, but the bureaucracy is beyond me.


I think this should help. It’s in French but quite clear and with arrow pointing to the boxes you need to fill in


Thanks so much. I shall have another go. :slight_smile: :bouquet:

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I think it’s worked. That form was exactly what I needed. :slight_smile: Thank you.

A pleasure. Don’t forget to contact the tourist office about taxe de séjour, and let your insurance company know. Also need to have smoke alarms.

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